The spirit that animated our founder is marked by a profound reverence for the Divine Majesty and an ardent zeal for the His glory aptly expressed in our Motto “Who is like unto God.” Our Founder was overwhelmed by all embracing love of God our Father and the exhorts us to “seek his presence continually” (1Cor 16:11), and to trust in His unfailing providence ever having in mind that unless the built the house those who labour in vain” (Ps 126:1).

By reminding  us “ Christ conquers, reigns, rules our founder wants us to establish a Kingdom  of God by establishing the reign of Christ and in the words of the apostle ‘you have died and your life hid with Christ in God’ (Col 3:3). He exhorts us to seek intimate union with the father through Christ. Finally, he wants us to go to Jesus through Mary’. To those who fail to understand the chrism of our way of life, he has taught us this simple reply ‘we are fools Christ sake.’